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                     April Baxter
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                       Email a prilsdoghaus@gmail.com

Medication can be dispensed  at no additional charge.

"My dog can be very nervous and he has separation anxiety when we leave him. Leaving him with April has been easy on him and on me. He is comfortable going there which lets me know he is well taken care of. He gets lots of exercise and is worn out when I come to pick him up".   Starla K.

"April, Just wanted to let you know how comforting it is to know that Buster has an incredible "Home away from Home". It makes all of the business travel that I do a little easier knowing that he's in such caring hands. THANK YOU! Give him a pat for me".
Bob N

"April was easy to work with, and Wulfie was obviously well cared for while with her. I would definitely recommend her".
 Alex. M

Regarding Escape Artists
If you have a dog that consistently gets out of securley fenced areas please DO NOT attempt to board them at our home. Dogs are living and breathing creature with minds of their own. If they are determined to get out of a confined area, they will find a way or hurt themselves trying. Thank you
It is healthier for a dog to consume the same food as it does at home. For this reason, the owners are responsible for providing food for the duration of the pets stay.
We care about your pets like they were one of our own