Aprils Dog Haus
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Kennel Free Boarding
Welcome to
Aprils Dog Haus
​​​ No Kennels. No Guilt. 100% Fun!

Going out of town? We are a in home based pet sitter. Bring your dog to Aprils Dog Haus for their boarding stay and they'll have as much fun on their vacation as you do on yours! Your dog will play with others in daycare all day, have a well deserved nap, and then sleep comfortable on a doggy bed in our home at night.Boarding overnights are available for a limited number of dogs. Please call  in adavance to make a reservation or for more information, please contact us
[email protected]
ALL dogs must meet the requirements 
MUST be well socialized with other dogs 
MUST like children
MUST be treated for fleas. 
Non aggressive dogs only 
We are experienced pet owners who take a loving and compassionate approach to pet care. We sympathize with the worries, and concerns that arise with having to board, that's why we're dedicated to treating your pet with the same love, attention, and care that we give to our own pups. We have extensive experience with caring for dogs. You can rest assure that your pet will be taken care of by a trustworthy pet veteran!

Dogs must have no fighting ring history or suspected history, no past history of aggression. We are not a training facility and does not rehab and socialize dogs with problems. 

Our Yard
We have a privacy fenced in yard for your pups to run an play in. 

 In order to attend  daycare, dogs must have the following vaccines (including all boosters): Bordetella (kennel-cough,) Distemper/Parvo, and Rabies.

Reguarding escape artists
If you have a dog that consistently gets out of securley fenced areas please DO NOT attempt to board them at our home. Dogs are living and breathing creature with minds of their own. If they are determined to get out of a confined area, they will find a way or hurt themselves trying. Thank you

It is healthier for a dog to consume the same food as it does at home. For this reason, the owners are responsible for providing food for the duration of the pets stay.




We care about your pets like they were one of our own